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Bar Over 3 Farms

Bar Over 3 Farms

Providing the best possible local grass fed beef.


Working hard every day to provide the best local grass fed beef possible.

Feed your family nothing be the best!

  At Bar Over 3 Farms we raise Scottish Highland cattle.  Our small family farm specializes in hand raising our cattle to keep the stress low and increase the quality of beef.  We treat our cattle in the most human way possible so you get the best meat possible.    

  Why feed your family grass fed Highland beef?
Bar Over 3 Farm’s sells locally raised and naturally grass fed Highland Beef. Highland Beef that is generally a leaner, finer texture and richer flavor and is a great addition to the Paleo lifestyle.
All our beef is USDA Inspected and is free from adrenalin or natural stress hormones. Our cattle are never fed grain, processed feed, hormones. Bar Over 3 Farms cattle are allowed to rationally graze naturally on pastures and never held in small areas.  The Bar Over 3 Farms goal is to have the happiest and healthiest cows so we are able to provide you with the most healthy and tasty 100% natural grass fed beef.
Highland beef has a leaner, finer texture and richer flavor, is low in fat and cholesterol, and high in protein, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids. Your family will taste the delicious, healthy difference.

Scientific tests carried out on Guaranteed Pure Highland Beef by the Scottish Agricultural College

The National College for Food, Land and Environmental Studies demonstrate convincing evidence that GPHB is significantly lower in Fat and Cholesterol, and higher in Protein and Iron than other beef.Food scientists at SAC led by Dr Ivy Barclay, Head of the Food Science & Technology Department have published analytical results which have been determined on Pure Highland Beef cuts comparing each grade of meat with results from all beef published by McCance & Widdowson* at the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (MAFF).